Project Description

Natural lighting can make an enormous difference to a home. May people will be familiar with the term Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD for short). This is a clinically diagnosed condition were the lack of sunlight during the winter months can affect a person’s health. Natural lighting can make people feel better and improve a person’s rate of recovery. This was proven in recent studies were the recovery rate of patients improved when the levels of natural light were increased.

Many homeowners are understandably concerned about rising energy costs. Modern insulated roof lights can actually help to lower the cost of bills by reducing the demand on artificial lighting. This also helps to reduce the omissions making it a win-win situation for everybody involved.

There are many different types, styles and sizes of roof light to choose from. With careful design considerations they can provide a spectacular focal point within a private home. The photographs on this page show a few projects that I have been involved in were the use of roof lights has dramatically increased the levels of natural light into a home.

If you have been considering incorporating roof lights into your home why not give me a call and we can chat through your ideas in more detail.


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