Project Description

A loft conversion can offer many benefits to home-owners who are looking to increase the size of their home rather than going through the upheaval of moving home.

Whilst each project will be unique housing market research has shown that a loft conversion can increase the value of a home by up to 20% in some cases. Another great benefit is that you will be utilising space that is already available. With a traditional extension a home-owner must sacrifice some of your existing garden. A loft conversion however allows you to use space that may currently only be used for storage. A well planned out loft conversion with some clever storage ideas means you don’t lose out on that either.

The style of a loft conversion can vary significantly and so it is important to plan carefully. These projects will give you some ideas of what can be achieved. If you see something you like please feel free to get in touch as I would love to chat through your ideas in more detail.


Loft 5 Loft 6 Loft 8

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