Project Description

This photograph shows a small extension to a house in Linlithgow and proves that a project does not need to be large in order to be successful. The house is a three bedroom detached house located in Linlithgow’s Springfield Estate. Whilst the house is a good size (one of the largest on the estate when constructed) the kitchen was small and the client wanted to build an extension on the side of the kitchen to create a larger kitchen whilst also allowing access into the garage without going outside. The solution was relatively simple. A large opening could be formed in the outside wall of the kitchen and a small extension could be constructed thus providing both a bigger kitchen and direct access into the garage. The challenge was how to make a small space look interesting whilst still being functional. The solution was a number of small changes which when added together created a stunning kitchen extension.

The first thing to note is that the ceiling of the extension is sloping. This combined with a triangular window within the gable creates a light and open space that feels much bigger than it actually is. A limited number of high quality materials and colours together with carefully located directional lighting and down-lighters also help to enhance the space. Timber cladding was used externally together with brick. As the existing house is harled this meant that when the extension was viewed from the garden it was clear what was new.

The result is a fantastic open plan kitchen that has exceeded the client’s expectations.


Burghmuir Exterior 1Burghmuir 6Burghmuir 2Burghmuir 3