Project Description

This project is one of my favourites as it allowed me to bring out my inner child during the design process. The building has become very popular among locals and has been nicknamed the “rubik’s cube” due to the use of bold colours.

On behalf of Falkirk Council I designed and contract administered the construction of an extension to Carron Primary School in Falkirk to provide the school with a new nursery classroom and facilities.

During the design process I made a point of working very closely with the Head Teacher of the school and all of the nursery staff. Chatting through the brief with staff and observing them using their current facilities allowed me to ultimately design a new building which both staff and children enjoy being in.

The design incorporates a number of unique features. Bold primary colours are used both inside and outside to create a stimulating atmosphere that can be enjoyed by staff and children. Dramatic roof glazing allows the main teaching space to be flooded with natural light. One feature that proved particularly popular was the height of the windows. During the design process I saw that many small childen could not see out of a standard height window. I was concerned that this could result in a space that feels claustrophobic to a small children. The solution was simple, my design included a number of low-level windows to allow small children to see out and engage with those outside the building.

The photographs below show the effective use of colours, roof glazing and low level windows.



Carron Internal 2Carron Internal 1Carron External 2