There are a few additional costs that you should be aware of and consider at an early stage. When an application is submitted for Planning Permission or a Building Warrant your Local Authority will require an administration fee. This fee is paid directly to the Local Authority at the time of the application and allows them to process and assess the application.

A Building Warrant application will include detailed design drawings, specifications and certification from a Structural Engineer. The appointment of a Structural Engineer would be undertaken by yourself. Forth Architecture would however assist by inviting a selection of Structural Engineers to tender for the proposed project, assessing the returned prices and liaising with them direct on your behalf during the design process to ensure any questions or queries are resolved.

These fees can vary depending on the type of project and scale of work being carried out. I can however offer professional advice on what you can expect these fees to be at our initial meeting and they will of course be included within my detailed no obligation written fee proposal.